Tuesday, May 31 st

So this is my first entry into a Blog. I am surprised that I am feeling a little “stage-struck” I have often thought of writing a blog and now that I have sat down at the keyboard and started , I am feeling blank!
Well tomorrow I go and appear as a guest starring manager for a Brooks Brothers Outlet store in Queenstown Maryland. I am not at all looking forward to this. Like many others I lost my last position in the economic chaos of the last few years. I was a Territory Manager for ,what I later discovered was floundering, German Fabric manufacturer. Since the lay off a little over a year ago I have had w, without much luck, three interviews. Luckily I was able to get a job at a greatly reduced salary as an assistant manager at Brooks Brothers Factory Store
I have been with Brooks Brothers almost a year.The store has approximately 15 employees. We range the scale of old to young and most skin colors and socio-economic backgrounds. It is a melange of peoples.Surprisingly most of the staff has been working there for a number of years. Being a retail position no one except the store manager makes a living wage, yet there are a number of people eking out an existence there.

Lately a lot of the managers in our division have been leaving the company. It seems that Brooks Brothers is changing in a way that they do not approve. I am not sure what that way is but I understand that is the reason. Since the company does not make very fast hiring decisions,  my position was vacant for over six months, all the stores in the division are sending a management person over for a week to help operate the store. I was chosen to represent my store.

I wonder what the new store will be like? Will they have a staff as diverse as ours? If they are multi-cultural will they speak with one another in their native tongues as ours do? Will I find myself trying to determine if they are speaking about me as I do in my store? Will we have busloads of Chinese visitors that bark in Chinese and pull every item off the shelves into the floor? Will rude customers return their worn-out and often soiled clothing as often as they do at our store? So many questions, I suppose you can tell I am not that interested in the answers! I am interested in using this week to get back into a fitness routine. In my last job I traveled a lot and often worked out in the hotel gyms. It really helped me keep my waist in line, so to speak!

So this is a sort of warm up and I am going to continue this more and get better at it.

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