Monday. June, 27 2011

Bigfoot, Aliens and Ghostly Encounters

It seems to me that in the last few years there have been a lot of television programs about rumored creatures from folklore, spirits from the deathly realm and u.f.o’s from planets yet uncharted. Scientific methods are employed to find the Bigfoots and other rumored creatures of the wilderness. Paranormal explorers are on every channel taking time out of their busy days fixing drains or from studying for their college exams to try to determine if the haunt site has validity. Retired service men have some stories to share with you about what they were forced to conceal while serving out on  lonely desert bases. Wow I hardly know which one to choose because sometimes they show simultaneously on different channels. I want to view them all!

For most of these shows I am a fan; I must admit to this. It was instilled into me at an early age by the old show “In Search Of…” Does anyone remember this? If not here is a link It came on late Saturday afternoons. It was so interesting and creepy. The show focused on many subjects ranging from Amelia Earhart to Atlantis. I was only eleven at the time and I had never heard of these creatures or places. It was a new strange world opening for me. As I ‘ve aged I experience this newness less and less.  My cousin Ricky, and only real male friend of my youth, shared this same interest in the supernatural.

Ricky was only six months older than me but one school year ahead. He was the oldest grandchild and seemed to excel in every way. Being on the maternal side of the family and being the oldest son of the oldest son, he was  particularly special in Papa’s eyes. Ricky was the heir to all things Cox. During the Summer Ricky and I would spend the night at each others houses and at our Grandparents house in Atlanta.  When we were at Mama and Papa’s house we could read from Mama’s extensive stack of National Enquirer magazines. These often featured stories and headlines about  sensational beings or creatures. I still remember one announcing on the front page, UFOs WILL CONTACT EARTH IN SIX MONTHS! We saw this issue on a crisp Fall afternoon one Sunday. We could not believe that Mama had casually mixed it in with the Atlanta Journal and back issues of Ladies Home Journal. For us, this was a major piece of news!

Our families had gathered at my grandparents house for Sunday dinner. I still remember that day all these years later. There was the excited anticipation between all the children, the holidays were just around the corner. It was mid October. Once Halloween came and went it was a quick down hill slide to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Ricky and I did not join in; we were more excited about the contact that might be coming in six months. Let  the younger ones begin the pre-Christmas chatter.

After dinner my cousin and  I slipped away from the family and went out to the front porch to discuss the sensational article. No one would bother us out there. After Labor Day the porch was  neglected. Among the fading begonias and gathering dust, we could discuss our separate views of this announcement without any younger siblings giving their opinions. This was a subject not to be taken lightly.

The National Enquirer  had never printed an actual date of contact! We asked one another, Could it be true?. Who will they contact? I cannot remember the particulars of the article now but it was provocative to us then. It was a subject that we shared and enjoyed. That bond between us was unique for me. He treated me as an equal at a time I didn’t often feel that way. I was overweight and not particularly popular at school or home. Like most kids at one time or other I never felt I belonged. This new world of Bigfoot and aliens and later hauntings gave me something that I had in common with other boys. I might not play baseball or football but I knew a lot about this stuff and could speak confidently about it. It allowed me to fit it.

So many years later I still enjoy watching the shows on television. Does Ricky? The years have separated us in  its usual ways, but whether I am watching  some lesser known celebrity over emote their ghost story or a group of pseudo scientists on discovery channel hunting for Bigfoot.;it brings back memories . Memories of days spent lying on my stomach reading those inane stories in papa’s den or watching “In search of” with my family on a Saturday afternoon in our own. I suppose that mostly it helped me begin to discover self-esteem.

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